shopkins Shopkins is a line of miniature,grocery-themed collectibles for kids ages four and up from Moose Toys. Originally designed for little girls ages four to seven years old, these miniatures have instead caught the attention of boys and girls alike. These fascinating little toys come with mini shopping baskets and bags. Kids can get different grocery store seasons and playsets to use with their tiny little character toys. Many adults have gotten caught up in the tiny miniature Shopkins toy craze too!

What are the Shopkins Like?

shopkins toyThe brightly colored characters stand about an inch tall. They each have their own identity, personality, face and name. For example, Cheeky Chocolate is a candy bar, Apple Blossom is a sweet apple and an adorable little chocolate chip cookie goes by the name Kooky Cookie. These are just three of the Shopkins characters. The Shopkins range of toys has always been released in seasons, with Season 7 being the newest.

Shopkins Takes on the World

Shopkins are so popular among children they sold out on the Walmart website within two days of being released. The global demand is overwhelming as production struggles to keep up with the orders. The Shopkins brand now includes a YouTube series of webisodes that received nearly five million views in a short 12 weeks after being launched. These tiny toys are showing up everywhere: Shopkins coloring pages, T-shirts, pajamas, socks, books, blogs, websites, bookbags, purses, backpacks, posters and more! The Shopkins toys have received a number of awards and recognition, including the 2014 Holiday Season Toy Insider’s Hot 20 List and making Time to Play Magazine’s Most Wanted List.

The Shopkins Craze

The Shopkins range of miniature toy characters are sparking creativity and imaginative thinking during play for kids all over the globe. Have fun playing with these super-cute toys with your kids to indulge your inner child! Plan your child’s next birthday party to be the biggest surprise ever–a Shopkins party packed with Shopkins party accessories, Shopkins coloring pages and don’t forget the gift bags containing a brand new collectible figurine for each kid who shows up to celebrate your child’s special day!

The Shopkins Demand

These unique little toys have been embraced by kids all over the world who are crazy anxious to build their individual collections by adding new characters every chance they get. Moose Toys has stated more than once that they have to work hard to keep shelves stocked with the Shopkins range of toys during the holidays. Kid parties have turned into Shopkins trading stations as girls and boys try to help each other build their sets while working on their own. The collectibles include hundreds of different characters, and there special edition, rare and ultra-rare figurines available.

shopkins toys

Who Makes Shopkins Toys?

The Australian toy maker Moose Toys launched the Shopkins line in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since. In 2016, the company experienced ‘phenomenal growth’ from the consumer demand for more Shopkins.

Who Invented Shopkins?

Jacqui Tobias led the Moose Toys Girl Design Team to invent and design the tiny Shopkins characters line to cater to little girls playtime. Tobias and the team have received all types of accolades for the newest toy craze to hit the globe.

What is in the Future for Shopkins?

The itty-bitty toys are set to become the company’s biggest brand to hit the market after raking in sales around the world on more than 100 million Shopkins figurines. If the phenomenon continues, a cartoon TV series is sure to come!

Where Can Shopkins be Purchased?

Most toy shops, major toy retailers (such as Toys R Us), major retailers (such as Walmart or Target), chain stores (such as Dollar General and Family Dollar), Ebay and even Amazon feature a wide array of Shopkins to buy. The Shopkins website features all collectibles, playsets and accessories in the line. Check out direct payday loan companies for financing help

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