Shopkins Coloring Pages: Season 1

Download and print our free collection of Shopkins Coloring Pages from the first Season of Shopkins. These Shopkins season 1 color pages are free and feature characters from Season 1 like Wobbles, Apple Blossom, Posh Pear and more.

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About Season 1 Shopkins

Perhaps you’re a parent confused by the sudden explosion of charming food-shaped toys taking over your house. Maybe you’d like to buy your child or grandchild a fun new toy and don’t quite know what to get. Maybe you’re a collector interested in toys. Regardless of your question, the answer is Shopkins. Shopkins are adorable little plastic toys shaped like food items or other small purchases. Each Shopkin has its own look and personality, and not surprisingly, fans are desperate to collect all of them.There have been multiple series or “seasons” of Shopkins released so far. The official Shopkins website has information going all the way up to season 7. For a lot of people, season 1 is their favorite. It’s the original and it has some of the cutest figures. Season 1 has 148 figures to collect, ranging in exclusivity from common to rare and ultra rare to special edition. The figures come in a variety of finishes in addition to the standard finish; you can also find Glitter Shopkins, Frozen Shopkins, and Metallic Shopkins.

The Shopkins are organized into different categories depending on what type of food or product they are: Limited Edition, Fruit & Veg, Bakery, Sweet Treats, Pantry, Dairy, Party Food, Health & Beauty, and Frozen. The variety of different finishes, levels of rarity, and categories of product provide for a number of ways to classify and organize Shopkins.

The Limited Edition Shopkins are all metallic, and while all are listed as common, there is nothing ordinary about them. They include friends like Papa Tomato and Sunny Screen.

The Fruit & Veg section is populated with characters like the common but delightful Apple Blossom and the ultra rare glitter Shopkin named Melonie Pips.

The Bakery category has such lovable faces as shy and sensitive Kooky Cookie, the ultra rare glitter Shopkin. It is also home to the rare and tasty Creamy Bun-Bun.

In the Sweet Treats section you can find such characters as the old-fashioned but fun Le’Quarice and the sweet and smiley Lolli Poppins, both of which are rare.

In the Pantry you may find the sweet and easygoing Sugar Lump, a tiny bag of sugar cubes with huge eyes. She is an ultra rare glitter Shopkin. Another fun friend is the caring and motherly Gran Jam. Like Sugar Lump, she is a Pantry product; unlike Sugar Lump, she has a regular finish and is common to find.

In the Dairy section you’re bound to find the common and confident Chee Zee. It is also home to the rare and klutzy but adorable Spilt Milk.

If you want a have a party, then you have to go to the Party Food category. There you may find the ultra rare glitter Shopkin named Soda Pops. This category is also home to the rare Crispy Chip.

It isn’t all food though. In the Health & Beauty section you can find Shopkins like the fashionable Polly Polish, an ultra rare glitter Shopkin shaped like nail polish. This section is also the place to find Shampy and Silky. Both common Shopkins, they are shaped like bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

All the Frozen items are special edition and have the special frozen finish. This category includes Shopkins as diverse as the cultured and mercurial frozen yogurt named Yo-Chi and the cool and talented rapper, Freezy Peazy.

The fun designs and wide variety makes it easy to see why Shopkins are such a hit. These little toys are big fun for kids and collectors alike.

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