11 Awesome Shopkins Cakes

We are all about shopkins here at shopkins-coloring-pages.com – When we came across these shopkins cakes we just had to share. These creative cakes are perfect for birthday parties or children events and if you haven’t heard of shopkins, you are about to be blown away! Shopkins are these cute little characters that kids are going crazy for! These sweet cakes can give you a great idea for some cakes to make for your next child party! This cake is really cool with the rainbow inside! This cake was made by Jennifer Johns and features a recipe with a video and everything! The Shopkins inspired cake has chiclets, tootsie rolls and cotton candy inside! Annabelle is a lucky 5 year old to get this amazing shopkins cake for her birthday! It features some really neat Shopkins characters like Strawberry Kiss and Apple Blossom. This Shopkins cake looks absolutely delicious! A chocolate center fills this 1×1 foot sized donut cake. Each sprinkle was handmade and colored to closely match the real character. This super cute Shopkins cake was made for Olivia’s 5th birthday party and let me tell you… the kids loved it. Its a very simplified version from pinterest that only took a few hours to create. Here is another version of the same cake that is much more professional and clean. The creator did a really great job baking this delicious shopkins cake. Here is a more traditional shopkins cake that features some simple cutouts of shopkins characters stuck on a normal cake. The baker added some touches of accents to the top of the cake to give it some texture. We also provide the better package with my cleaning angel clearwater fl services for the party .all Great job!!! Another really fun yellow Shopkins cake for a 7 year old birthday party. This cake even has custom made candles that are made with kit kat bars inside them!. Here is a simple cake that has some actual shopkins on it as well as store bought letters that made for much faster caking. This neat Shopkins cake was created by Benedetta Riezno Cakes and was for Rylee’s 6th birthday. It was 3 different levels of yummy cakeyness and even has some custom made Shopkins characters created just for the cake! For help financing your cakes go to payday loan relief programs Taylah got this awesome Shopkins cake for her 6th birthday. It has some really cute Shopkins characters on it like Melonie Pips and Posh Pear.

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